About Elizabeth Sadler

Early beginnings

I have had a love affair with jewellery since I was a little girl. My first adventures in design took the form of shell bracelets, strung on hat elastic, during family holidays in Cornwall when I was about seven or eight years old.

At fourteen, my appreciation of jewellery was transformed. My exotic American aunt invited me to help myself from her jewellery collection: she herself resolved to wear “just diamonds”.

Aunt Sarah’s cameo

From among her treasures I chose some Chinese jade, lapis lazuli, and the most exquisite cameo with a chain crafted from delicate gold leaves.  All of them had been discovered by my uncle on his travels around the world as a ship’s doctor on the Cunard line.

Aunt Sarah’s jade

Aunt Sarah’s lapis lazuli


From then on, I began my own collection, searching for pieces wherever I went.

After leaving school I wanted to study jewellery and fashion at art college but was persuaded to read something more ‘academic’ instead. My career then took me in a very different direction – research and teaching – but I never lost my love of jewellery.

Some bling from Athens 1964

A growing passion

2008 was a ‘significant’ birthday and I received two wonderful gifts: from Jane, a fabulous necklace designed and made especially for me and, from Rosi, a beautiful amazonite pendant.Rather than wear the pendant on a silver chain, I paired it with some amazonite rondelles discovered in Hatton Garden, to make a complete necklace. I consider this my first Elizabeth Sadler Jewellery creation.

These gifts made me realise how exciting it is to have a unique, bespoke piece, and I have not looked back since.

The amazonite pendant with Hatton Garden rondelles

Jade pendant, Hong Kong 1980, aventurine and pyrite beads, Hong Kong 2008

My work and curiosity have taken me to many different parts of the world where I have been fortunate to discover a fantastic assortment of gems. I have collected and curated pieces that might take over ten years to come together in perfect combination, sometimes with elements from opposite sides of the globe.


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