Celebrating colour

I have always loved colour and the way it can transform how you look.

When it comes to semi-precious stones, nature provides a wonderful palette, and I have enjoyed experimenting with shade, shape, and overall balance, incorporating sterling silver findings and clasps, and concentrating mainly on necklaces.

So far, the sheer range of natural materials available has more than satisfied my passion for colour, but I have now begun to play with polymer clay to create an even wider selection of ‘stones’ and colours.

Some early adventures with polymer clay

Nature’s palette

Let the stones do the talking ………


Polymer clay

Polymer modelling clay can extend your colour palette dramatically, and the possibilities are almost endless.

Made of PVC resin and a liquid plasticizer, the ‘clay’ can be baked in a domestic oven to harden – no need for a kiln. The best-known brands available in the UK are: FIMO and PREMO!

Although these clays come in a number of ready-mixed colours, they are not necessarily the most flattering for jewellery so I have created over 70 bespoke colours.

Here are just some of my ‘lollipop’ samples, displayed with flowers and objects that have inspired the colours.

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